Ditch the Dumb Controls – and See the Light

Swap your dumb controls for Smart Controls and see the difference

Lighting programming is not new. There was a time where an engineer could be called out and could sit in an IT closet and program preset ‘scenes’ that they would deem useful for the end user. Sounds pretty impractical, right?

Well thankfully those days are over as now with technology advances it doesn’t require an MIT degree to be able to program lighting – as advances in User Experience has allowed us to bring the power back to the people that matter most – the end user.

IoT (Internet of Things) enabled fixtures and controls are becoming the norm as building owners endeavor to understand their users’ experience of the spaces they use, and most importantly, understand how to reduce unnecessary and costly wastages across their portfolio.

So, getting to IoT enabled fixtures and controls is definitely a step in the right direction but as ever with a simple idea, there are levels of complexity that are worth being aware of. IoT lighting systems are often sold as wireless solutions but often these solutions tend to be more of a hybrid of a wired-based structure with associated accessories to be able to work controls that are often proprietary to one manufacturer. The best solution? Well, it probably depends on your particular circumstances and priorities as it’s not always true that one-size fits all. The more open systems that work with multiple platforms (or can be adapted to work with multiple platforms) would probably be a good place to start, but we’d always recommend consulting with an expert, like Tenzing, who can understand your individual requirements and specify accordingly.

What many of these solutions are doing though is bring the power and control back to the most important person – the end user. They now have the ability to calibrate their experience of a space to exactly what they require in that moment – moving away from a programmer coding in a closet to the person in the room creating the experience they need intuitively and conveniently.