LED lighting is creating modern, clean, safe and efficient facilities across healthcare today. Not only does LED save as much as 90% on energy usage vs. traditional bulbs, but it can actually improve efficiencies and well-being in the workplace through working with natural circadian rhythms. Contact a member of our team

LED lights coupled with smart and intuitive controls can save up to 90% on energy usage

The bright, clean and modern color hues improve the environment for patients and staff alike

Modern LED Lighiting requires significantly less maintenance and can last around 10x as long traditional lighting

Tenzing’s team have tried and trusted experience helping Healthcare Facility Managers create scalable and affordable packages that will transform their facilities with immediate results.

See how Tenzing helped transform healthcare facilities through introducing outdoor LED lighting

“The end result was a night-and-day difference over the lighting we used to have.”


Three steps to a modern & energy efficient facility

Contact a member of our team and we will discover what makes your facility unique and the challenges you might want to address

Our specialist engineers will design a solution that will work for your needs and within your budget

We will work with the install team to bring your solution to life, quickly and efficiently and with minimal disruption to your working facility

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