Meet Ryan

Ryan-Winters Tenzing Energy Solutions

Q How long have you worked at Tenzing?
A I have worked with Tenzing Energy Solutions for 4 months, since September.

Q What inspires you in your job?
A I get inspired by seeing the results of our design work in the field and hearing how much of a difference it has made from our clients.

Q What are you enjoying while working at Tenzing?
A I enjoy the family atmosphere around our team at the office. Everyone gets along great and is always willing to lend a helping hand (especially for the new guy).

Q What new technologies are you getting excited about?
A I’m excited for new solid-state lighting to be developed, especially new OLED products. OLED’s provide a diffuse-light source opposed to the small point light source of traditional LED’s and can serve more diverse lighting needs for our clients.

Q Any fun facts we should know about you?
A In my free time I enjoy playing music. I play around 5 instruments and have been played live shows pretty regularly since high school.