Meet Seth

Tenzing Energy, Seth Guiler

Seth Guiler is one of Tenzing’s talented Electrical Designers, a job that involves managing and designing both retrofit and new construction projects from audit to installation. He’s usually hard at work visiting client sites but we managed to take 5 minutes of his time to find out a little bit more about him:

Q How long have you worked at Tenzing?
A I have worked with Tenzing Energy Solutions for 11 Months (since Jan. 03 17)

Q What inspires you?
A I’m inspired by quality teamwork with my co-workers. Our daily 9@9 / scrum (9 minutes at 9 am to meet with the team & set work goals for the day) consistently helps.

Q What are you enjoying while working at Tenzing?
A I have enjoying seeing my projects run from conception to completion. I was able to design a parking lot lighting LED upgrade, a few months later it was installed & the hospital was fully satisfied.

Q What new technologies are you getting excited about?
A I am looking forward working more with innovative HVAC energy savings technologies. This would include more energy efficient HVAC units & boiler units that can save our client’s a lot of energy.

Q Got any fun facts?
A Outside of work, I enjoy volunteer leading Young Life at Ravenwood High School in Williamson County.