Want to see how much money your business could save? Simply change the light bulbs.

LED Lighting Saves Lots of Money on your energy Bills

It really is that simple. By installing energy efficient lighting, you can save money on your energy bills each month. And by “install”, we mean you give us a call and we engineer an energy efficient lighting solution for you. The best part about it – you don’t pay a single dime. We call it Lighting as a Service.

You might be thinking there is an obvious flaw in our business model considering we come to your company, install an energy efficient lighting system, and then leave without payment. If this were the case, then we wouldn’t still be in business, right?

Well, with our Lighting as a Service solution, we only make money, if you save money. Even then, we only receive a fraction of what you save. After the hardware and labor costs have been recouped, usually in as little as five to seven years, your company will receive 100% of the savings each month. Simply because you chose to partner with us.

So, if this service is as good as it sounds, why isn’t every company doing it? Well, to be honest, they are. To date, over 45 million square feet of offices, warehouses, and retail spaces have benefitted from the Lighting as a Service savings. Specifically, companies such as Gap, AT&T, HP, and Dell have saved over a combined $15 million a year in energy costs.

In summary, we come to your company, document your current system, engineer a new and energy efficient system, and install it. As payment, we receive only a fraction of what you save for a predetermined contract length. After the contract period expires, you keep all the savings while your coworkers wonder how you managed to save so much money each month without any capital expenditures. You can just respond, “I changed the light bulbs”.

To find out more, call Tenzing Energy Solutions at 844-TENZING (844.836.9464), or visit our Lighting as a Service page for more information.