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Jacksonville FL
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Champion Brands


200,000 sq. ft.

For years, Champion Brands, a beverage distributor serving Jacksonville and southeast Georgia, had used metal halide lighting in its 200,000 square feet of warehouse space. But all that changed after a compelling demonstration by Tenzing Energy Solutions that convinced Champion Brands owner Earl Benton to install LED lighting technology.

Tenzing provided consultation to determine the cost savings and maintenance benefits of replacing inefficient fixtures with LED lighting, which use less energy, produce less heat and emits more light than the metal halide, fluorescent or incandescent lighting often used in warehouse settings. The LED lighting also features built-in dimming capability and motion sensors to automate lighting operations. Instant-on capabilities allow ownership to illuminate only those areas where employees are located.

After the installation of the LED lighting, Champion’s first electric bill decreased 50 percent. The project paid for itself in 11 months. The interior of the warehouse is brighter, increasing safety for employees, and the LED lighting will last three to four times longer than conventional lighting.