• Tenzing LED Lighting in CoreCivic
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Greater than 50% for lighting

Tenzing Energy Solutions recently partnered with CoreCivic, a diversified, government-solutions company, specializing in the design, construction, expansion, and management of prisons, jails and detention facilities. With more than 70 facilities across the United States, CoreCivic is the fifth-largest corrections system, public or private, in the nation. For more than three decades, CoreCivic has proven to be an innovative and dependable partner for government, providing solutions that better the public good. With CoreCivic’s excellent track record, they have chosen Tenzing Energy Solutions as one of its smart lighting providers for both products and turn-key solutions.

Tenzing Energy Solution installed LED lighting to maximize savings while providing the safest environment for employees and residents. Tenzing worked directly with CoreCivic energy team leader Kate Spirk, to design customized lighting solutions for both the interior and exterior of multiple facilities. Additionally, Tenzing overcame the challenging work environment of a secure facility to successfully install LED lighting, increase the quality of light and decrease overall energy costs. Tenzing recently completed projects at CoreCivic’s Stewart Detention Center and Northeast Ohio Correctional Center that resulted in energy savings of greater than 50% for lighting, while increasing facility illumination. This resulted in a win-win for Ms. Spirk‚Äôs team by increasing safety, while also making CoreCivic’s facilities more energy efficient.

Given the history of Tenzing Energy Solutions customized LED lighting solutions and proven track record, it is no surprise that the nation’s leading corrections provider, CoreCivic, chose to partner with Tenzing Energy Solutions. CoreCivic understands the importance of energy efficiency and innovation. The dynamic new partnership between Tenzing Energy Solutions and CoreCivic will solidify CoreCivic’s leadership position in their industry, save money, and provide the safest environment for their employees and residents.