Henrico Doctors’ Hospital

Richmond VA
  • Henrico Doctor’s Hospital, Richmond, VA
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Annual Savings

$8,000 yearly


130 LED fixtures

Tenzing Energy Solutions was able to provide Henrico Doctors’ Hospital in Richmond, VA, with a security LED lighting upgrade. The site provided poor lighting to employees walking to and from their cars in multiple different areas. Tenzing employees walked the entire location collecting current light levels and fixtures being utilized in order to design a unique solution to bring the site up to security standards. The design called for installing over 130 LED fixtures in these darker areas to provide a safer experience for guest and employees while walking the site at night. The site includes 1,614 parking spaces for employees, guests and patients. The improved lighting will not only create a better-looking site, but will also provide a light to areas that were not up to security standards. Along with the security benefits from this project, Henrico Doctor’s Hospital will save close to $8,000 yearly in electric utility. As a whole this project will create a more secure and energy efficient site at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital.